How to Ensure That Your Upcoming Event Looks and Sounds Great

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No matter what type of event you are engaged in planning, you've got to create the perfect impression for all of your attendees. This is easier said than done and involves careful planning from an audiovisual perspective to produce a program that is truly memorable. What are some of the key points to remember when you're planning the big day and working with service providers?

Get That All-Important Sound

Many first-time planners put a great deal of emphasis into the look and feel of the presentation and not so much when it comes to the sound. This is unfortunate, as poor quality sound systems can ruin a performance very quickly, no matter how aesthetically pleasing it may be.

Choose the Right Microphone

If you are focusing on an individual performer, you first need to determine what type of personality he or she has. Do they tend to be very energetic and move around a lot or are they somewhat reserved? This will determine what type of microphone you use and where it is located. Remember, that not even the best sound technician in the world will be able to successfully tweak their machine settings if a speaker will inherently stand too far away from the mike. This needs planning between the technician and the presenter in advance.

Get Lots of Feedback

It's a good idea to let your performers hear how they sound by placing speakers immediately in front of them on the floor, facing backwards. This can give them a much better indication of their performance as it isolates the "noise" they're going to hear from other transmission speakers elsewhere in the room. Sometimes, you may choose to give the performers wireless earbuds instead that are mapped to specific channels within the mixing equipment.

Ensure Proper Speaker Placement

Never underestimate the number of loudspeakers you will need to create the perfect experience for your attendees. You also need to invest in some woofers to create a full range of sound and make sure that they are elevated correctly for maximum effect. Certainly, these speakers are not by themselves very good to look at and some would consider them to be an eyesore, but the best options are very highly engineered to produce an amazing sound, given the right levels of amplification and technician skill.

Encourage Synchronisation

It is certainly possible to map any visual and lighting effects so that they change "in sync" with the music being played from the speakers. This can create a fantastic, combined experience for the attendees and help to ensure that they really immerse themselves in your work.

Understand it's All Teamwork

Make sure that you talk with lighting and sound specialists whenever you are planning your next big production. The better the equipment and the higher the grade of expertise, the more successful your event will be.

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