How to Prevent Toppling and Damage of Hired Speakers on Your Child's Birthday

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Parties for kids can be exciting if the necessary safety precautions are taken into consideration. However, such an event can be a bit of a headache if you do not take appropriate measures to keep children safe from falling objects. Since speakers are a must-have for any party, hiring is the best ways to ensure that your child enjoys the party without necessarily spending over the top. However, as much as there are gadgets to prevent speakers from toppling over, most involve securing the speakers permanently, which might not be possible with leased equipment. This article provides non-intrusive ways you can secure speakers and still manage to keep children safe during a party.

Cage -- Speakers can be placed on tables, wall units, consoles, or the ground. If you decide to put leased speakers on the floor, it is imperative to erect a cage around the equipment. The advantage of using a cage is that it is a temporary fix that allows children to enjoy whatever music is playing without going anywhere near the speakers. Additionally, the casing sends a clear message to children that the area is a no-go zone thereby protecting the device from any damage.

Strategic Placement -- Another technique of protecting speakers is by cushioning them between other objects. For instance, if you have a TV wall unit and a bookshelf, you can sandwich one piece of speaker between the furniture. In this case, the two pieces will act as a barrier and will not give room for children to move the speakers. Another speaker can be placed securely between two couches and still achieve the superior quality sound. However, you want to make sure that your arrangement does not leave scratches on the speakers.

Fill Hollow Stands with Sand -- Certain speakers in the market have hollow stands. Since you are renting one, you might as well request the rental company to provide you with such a design. To the creative mind, the hollow part acts as a security feature because you can fill the stands with sand, which will make the speakers too heavy for children to topple over. However, you need to use fine, dry sand to avoid damaging the leased equipment. To be on the safe side, sieve the sand before you pour it in the stands. The best part is that you can involve children in doing it in the context of the party.   

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